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Woodstock + Sunshine = ME!

They call me Woodstock because I’m so laid back. They call me Sunshine because I’m always smiling.

Today I watch the sun rise at 10,000 feet. Today the sun warmed my heart and made me feel like I was on cloud 9. As the sun rose my spirit rose with it. I could not stop smiling and thinking of all the positive things that are coming my way.

As I sat in that last row of seats for a few minutes I let the sun do all the talking. I let it warm my body up and bring a smile to my face. It’s a nostalgic feeling and you can not help but smile.

Now I know why I’d be named after something so amazing.

Today, at 10,000 feet I watch the sun rise.




Accept it and be merry….

Sometimes we make decisions in our lives that lead to consequences. Sometimes we do things we tend to regret in the long run. Sometimes in life failure will happen.

To better understand yourself you have to accept your failures. Remember what they are and continue on the path of success. There will be times in life where you can not get exactly what you want or things will not go your way but that should not stop you from reaching for the stars.

A failure should be looked at as a lesson learned and not a negative aspect in life. It molds you into a better person and strives you to work harder. When you fail don’t dwell on it just shake it off and keep it rolling.

I can admit I’ve failed many times in life. I have done things that I thought would have led me on a successful path. When those events did not go my way I accepted my decisions and my actions. Yet, there have been events my life that I have looked back at my failures and helped me make decisions that brought success into my life.

I stand by my failure and I am not ashamed to ever admit that I have failed because in the end no ones opinion matter but my own. In the end those failures led me to my successful accomplishments.



LA for the weekend. Living life through smiles and laughter. No other way!








All good in the hood….


Forgiveness is probably one of the bravest things anyone can do. It’s also a very freeing feeling. Almost like a weight being lifted off the shoulders.

There are two things one can do. Forgive and forget or forgive and never forget. I feel that as long as there is forgiveness one doesn’t need to forget. Just need to be more cautious in certain situations.

I for one, forgive but will never forget. Yes, I forgive you! I would never want to live my life with hate in my heart. With a feeling of hurt or bitterness.

Can you forgive a person and never tell him/her? Yes you can. Forgiveness comes from within yourself. Do not do it for that person, do it for yourself and keep the ball of life rolling.

I forgive. I forgive. I forgive but will never forget. Will never forget because it is too deep of a wound to heal. Forgiveness to me is considered selfless act of bravery.

Why, you ask?

Because life is too short for hate. Too short to live it hurt all the time. So, with my head held hi and faith that my path will soon lead to greatness I forgive. I forgive but will never tell and will never forget.

I forgive you.