Chivalry is dead…. Take me back….

I feel in love with A Bronx Tale when I was a little girl. I feel in love with Calogero’s life and how much he learned from his father and gangster friends. There is a moment in the film when he takes a girl on a date. He was told of she was one of the lucky ones then she would reach over and unlock the door for him. I remember as a child that one day I’ll unlock the door for that one special guy.

The issue with that story is that guys do not give a girl a chance anymore. They barely even open the car door when they come and get a girl from her home. Men even ask a girl out on a date by a text message.

It is as of men have decided to become a bit lazy in their dating techniques and I blame this on the women. We as women need to set the standard on that first date so that men know we are not playing around. I am no dating expert but opening the car door is a very nice gesture.

Receiving a phone call rather than a text actually brings a huge smile to a girls face. You may not see it but I guarantee that she really appreciates it. You can not hear an emotion through a text but you can tell when someone gets excited through a mere phone call. It only take a few minutes to search for that number and hit the call button.

I don’t know about many women but I would love my car door to be open, my chair pulled out and a phone call here and there. Hey I’d return the favor by reaching over and unlocking your door. I just miss the old era when men were men and went out of their way to woo a woman. If I were woo’d it would give you that one check on my list.

A compliment here and there would feel amazing. Trust me I compliment all my friends and they love it. Also, listening is a million times better than just hearing what one has to say. I’m just throwing out a few suggestions to all you men out there.

As I watch all these films I cannot help but smile as I see how great men great their women or how they go out of their way to make sure she is happy. Don’t get me wrong guys I know you want the same thing in return and if you have the right girl then the respect will be 50/50. You’ll get just as much of a special treat as you give your lady.

Let’s take it back to the days where we’d get all dressed up and go to a nice place. We’d spend all night talking and drinking wine. Then at the end of the night the guy walks the girl to her door and gives her a small tap on the lips. He doesn’t try to get in her pants on the first date. If she’s that easy then she always only wanted one thing.

Take me back to when men were chivalrous and they got excited to go on a date. Take me back so I can at least experience my Bronx Tale moment.

Take me back….


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