West Palm Beach, FL

Today is my second day of a three day trip. So far yesterday was my best day yet and I don’t think it can possibly be topped off. We did a quick turn and layer over in West Palm beach for 16 hours.

When we landed I headed to grab a bite to eat at Rocco’s. I had an amazing chicken taco salad. Maybe it was amazing because I was starving but needless to say it was really good. When I went back to my room with time to spare I headed to the beach.

Today we had to do 4 legs before our Savannah, GA layover. The first two legs ran smoothly and there were no complaints of needy passengers. The crew I’m working with is pretty cool another are making today a bit interesting. On my last leg to Savannah a young man got on the speaker phone and proposed to his girlfriend while we were in the air.

The proposal consisted of him singing a song to her and then getting on one knee to propose. She was so happy, well they were so happy. She of course said yes and their faces glowed the rest of the flight. It was a beautiful moment that I was glad to be a part of and allow the young man to do.

Now I’m in Savannah about to get some rest. Tomorrow is another work day except I get to head home for just one day.

I’m a sucker for beaches.






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