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The revolving door

I’ve noticed that as years have passed I have had many friends come and go. I have also had many friends return to my life and make an impact on it.

I consider my friendship with many very special and sacred. Not on some stalker sacred. It just means more to me than it does to many other people. I personally believe that you are the company you keep. I choose to keep a company of great laughs and fond memories.

I do consider my friendship with many like a revolving door because I have tendencies of forgiving people who have hurt me in the past only because I feel that there might be something good in that person. But, through this I have learned a lot about these individuals. I have learned that many people never change and they will continue to take advantage of every drop of blood you have.

I have learned that I need to change the locks on my door or just get a whole new door in general. I sometimes dwell on friendships I have lost in the past. I always thing of the positive and try at times to forget the negative. Not this time! This time my door will no longer revolve.

I am getting older and it is not cool anymore. My mom always told me that when you get older you can clearly see what friends are there for you and what friends are just in it for the ride. I don’t want someone who just wants to hop in and enjoy the ride. I want friends that appreciate me and elevate me as much as I elevate them. I want TRUE friends!

I don’t need to hear from people oh your soo nice. Your too nice. I don’t care how nice I am. That does not give you a reason to take advantage of me and milk me dry.

My friend sent me a text recently and she said it the best. I’ll end it with her text and hope that as everyone gets older they realize that sometimes you have to throw that excess baggage away to see who is really out there. To see what friends will be there at your weakest point in life. Because when your up everyone wants to be your friend but when your down there is no one around, except for that one true friend.


“Some of you walked into my life and made it better, others walked out and made it fucking fantastic!”
– Kid Cudi



The Weeknd

I have officially become a new fan of The Weeknd! I can listen to every song and enjoy every lyric. It is so refreshing to find a musician that does something so different. His songs are full of every emotion imaginable.

Listen and enjoy xoxo

2am in Cancun

I was sent to Cancun yesterday to work the flight back to ATL the next day. They deadheaded me here and I was given an eleven hour layover.

Quickly I ran to my room and put anything on so I could join the crew I was on the flight with for at least one cup of beer. After the beer and a bite to eat we went our separate ways to our bedrooms.

I went to bed early and now at 2am my brain has decided to wake up and think. I just want to tell my brain to shut the fuck up and stop thinking so I can head back to sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning for the past half hour trying not to think and just keeping my eyes shut. At the moment nothing is working.

Right now an on and off switch for my brain would be very nice. Something that could keep me from thinking about nonsense that I can not control. What’s even more frustrating is that I can not make sense of many of these thoughts so I just want it to stop. I wish someone would knock me out so I can head back to sleep and wake up when my alarm goes off.

I have 4 hours left of sleep and I am hoping that after this blog and writing something I can close my eyes and my brain will relax. Here goes nothing. Good morning or good night to all.


Three Olives = DANGER

Headed to visit @elfuerteboxing to wish him luck and to pick up my tickets for his big match on the 24th of this month. It’s always great to come home and see my boys.

Well I thought it would be a normal casual Wild Wednesday but instead I was give a glass of vodka and just began to drink up. We shared some jokes and my cup was never empty. I was starving that night also. So hungry all I talked about was food and chicken wings. Yes, I’m a skinny fat person who loves to eat if it makes any sense.

I made a few of them head down to the east side of town to have some tacos. When I got out of that car I knew I was done for. I can only remember eating one taco and talking a lot. I must have been talking about non sense because I don’t remember one bit of it.

This is a fair warning that Three Olives has no flavor so it goes down pretty smooth. So smooth that you just don’t stop drinking. Until you wake up the next morning and feel like someone smacked the shit out of you! You don’t even want get out of bed and all you want is H2O!!!

Ugh what a memorable/not so memorable night. Thanks guys for at least brining my talkative ass home.


Managua (MGA)

I wish there was enough time to see the city Managua. We landed into Managua, Nicaragua last night with only 10 hours to venture around the hotel. At 10pm our time (8pm in Nicaragua) I found it best not to head into the city. Besides where our hotel was located there was nothing but McDonalds and a gas station.

I looked outside my window and saw this pool just calling my name.

“Sipsy, come take a dive!”

I knew I had to be up by 5am, Nicaragua time to get ready for work but I also knew that I had to take a quick dip into that pool. I called the concierge downstairs and asked what time the pool would be closing.

“The pool is open 24hrs mam.”

She made my night after hearing that. I quickly put on my bathing suit that I carry everywhere with me and headed downstairs to the pool. At first I was hesitant because there were lots of couples there socializing with one another and I was there all alone. I played with my phone for a bit and then took a deep breath. I took off my clothes and took a dip into the pool. I had to! I had to go into that pool considering the fact that it was staring right at me from my window.

The temperature of the water was just right. Afterward I got out and headed back to my room with an accomplished smile on my face. Took a shower and went straight to bed with no problems.

I got out of my room with enough time to have some breakfast in the morning. I had my favorite fruit, passion fruit and this delicious mini deli sandwiches.

My Nicaraguan adventure was just enough to bring a smile to my face for accomplishing my own dare.






This day is a milestone in the Rodriguez household. Today my sister received her masters degree in International Trade. A degree at a level that not many in my family will or have not been able to do.

I for one am extremely proud of her. She is a no holds bar type of woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. This is the type of balls I sometimes wish I truly had. She is so ambitious and determined that she does not let anything get in her way.

Today we celebrate her achievements in accomplishing a goal she set out to do. We celebrate the fact that even when you come from a household where many judge you one can ignore their stupidity and move on. It’s a moment that my family should cherish because my sister made it through hurdles that many would have given up on but she persevered.

If she ever reads this all I have to say to her is Brain, you made it and I always believed in you. You’re an incredible woman who no one can ever bring down! I love you with all my heart and am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments.


The big 18

When you turn 18 your finally legal and no longer needing parental supervision. It’s also a turning point in your life because many things begin to change and you actually begin to live your life. Or at least begin to discover it.

Yesterday marked a turning point in my life. Yesterday my sister turned the big 18! This is a girl that I have seen progress from a baby girl into a young woman. She is slowly figuring herself out and is becoming her own individual. It’s sad to watch because I never wanted her to grow up. I never wanted her to become 13 in all actuality.

That’s it at 18 she can do anything she wants and we sort of have no say in her decisions. Of course I will always give advice. So much advice she will start believing that she should follow it. At least that is what I hope happens. I just want her to stay young and not rush into become an “adult.”

At 18 I did so much crap that I wonder if those crazy thoughts are in her head. At 18 I stole flamingos from people’s yards and places them all on my softball field. I would go hang out at my friend’s house and make out with a boy I really liked in high school. At 18 I sat in my neighbors car and spoke to him until the sun came up and my mom smacked me for it. Hey, all we did was talk seriously!

I was not a bad kid but I would do things that I look back on and do not want my little sis to do but now all I can do is make sure she has someone there for her. All I can do is give her the best advice and guidance as an older sister and sometimes mother.

Happy Big 18 to the little sister I always called spoiled brat and to the little sister who has now become a young woman. I am proud of this little one and I know that only greatness is destined for her because she doesn’t take crap from anyone and always strives for the best.

Love her always and forever!