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What’s the deal??

Nothing is sacred anymore. Marriage and love are meaningless things now a days. It’s almost as if love is just a word with no significant meaning behind it. It is a topic that is always swept under the rug and no one ever wants to talk about.

I just finished watching Blue Valentine. A story about a couple who fall madly in love and then end up divorcing and leaving each other at the end of the film. The saddest part was that they had a child together.

I just never understood and will never understand how someone can be madly in love with an individual one day and then at the snap of a finger he or she no longer has those feelings. It is almost as if being in love is like being cursed because you put your all into the person without thinking of the consequences or what the future holds for the two of you. It’s a gamble, either you win or lose.

We all know that love is an emotion that can be controlled. But, can it truly be controlled to a point where you can just shut it all out of your life entirely? Can you have a life without love? I do not mean love for your family or friends. I mean that passion, tingle, butterfly feeling you get when your with a certain individual.

If life can be lived without this emotion maybe there won’t be many sad people in this world. But then again, true romance would never exist. Children would not be created out of passion but instead out of sex. People wouldn’t consider their bodies sacred and would just hop from one person to the other.

We all know that meaningless sex has become a new trend that I for one can not get accustomed to it. More power to the woman or man who can just hit it and quit it. Just forget about what happened the night before. We all need to get our “fix” but at what cost?

I don’t know, maybe I am talking out of my ass tonight but it is just something that has always intrigued me. How can someone love so much and then just stop in an instant? Was there really love there? Did that other person change so much that the overall feeling changed along with it? Temptation is all around us and controlling it makes you a better person.

Again, it’s just one of the mindless things I think about at night. Night!


Gust of wind

Yesterday was such a crazy day in the world of traveling. I was doing a Philadelphia turn and it was my last turn of the day. A day that was suppose to end at 9pm ended up finishing at around 2am! It was such a long horrible day.

We were scheduled to depart at 4:30pm but due to weather in Philly we were delayed until 5pm. As we boarded the plane with the passengers we were informed that we were going to be delayed for a few more minutes. Something told me that it was going to be a never ending day.

The worst thing that could happen happened that day. It was so warm on the plane that the flight leader decided to open the other door. Mind you the doors were disarmed. As I was talking to the gate agent on the plane a gust of wind swung the door wide open and the slide deployed!! The wind was do strong it slammed against the fuselage and made the slide deploy.

Oh goodness another delay! The plane was a no go so we needed to get another plane. After about a three hour delay we finally headed to Philly. When we got there and boarded the flight to head back to ATL the rain was so bad that we delayed it again. One of the engines would not start! My goodness this really freaked me out.

When I found out that the engine wouldn’t start and we were working on it all I could think about was that hopefully I spoke to everyone I needed to just in case. Hey, with this job you never know and I really don’t freak out when I’m on the plane. The weather was just so bad that I didn’t know what to do but pretend that all was ok around the passengers.

At about 11:30pm the engines both began to work and we headed to Atlanta. When we finally landed I got a ride from another flight attendant and thanked her so much. Taking the Marta at that time of day would have scared the crap out of me.

I should really think about getting my car in case this crap happens again.

It was a tough day and I the thing that makes me even more upset I have to do Philly again!!


“Sometimes you break your heart in the right way. When you break your heart that way you learn something or you feel something completely new. Something that only you can know and feel in that way.”

I am me. I am me.


I’m far from perfection.

Take me as I am or take nothing at all.


Drake: HYFR & Take Care

Drake’s Take Care video is amazingly artistic. The way everything moves with the beat of the song and within the video you can see the true meaning of the song. The editing and direting were done so well. The video is not your typical sad show where the guy and the girl act out the entire song. This video gives the song rhythm and feel to it. There is more meaning behind it if you can think outside of the box.

Now for HYFR, that video is just fun!! It is a video I would love to reenacted with a close group of family and friends. Just have a great time and have not one care in the world about what is going on.

Enjoy the videos because I have for a while : ).

I Know I Know…

Everytime I took the drive from Rhode Island to New York to see my mom I always played Jay-Z for just about the entire three hours. This one song brings me back to one of those days that I drove to New York for my friend’s graduation and came back the next day. There would be times when I would drive to NY and get back in time to hit the beach with my old roommate. My goodness that was a crazy summer.

Man oh man I sure do enjoy Jay-Z. Mr. Jay I know that one day I will see you and get my fitted signed!

Philly the almost right way.

They always say never answer your phone when you have a layover that is more than 17 hours. Why? Because scheduling can call and reroute you at anytime. My Philly layover was 19 hours and it was a a swell layover.

After leaving DC at 5am and taking a few agents with us to Atlanta. These were the men replacing the no so smart agents that decided not to pay for their services in Columbia. Hopefully the new ones won’t screw it up this time. Of course we joked around with them and asked if they were going to Columbia and then just smiled and headed to their seats.

From Atlanta we headed on to Philadelphia where we knew we were going to have a good time. While the crew slept one of the flight attendants and I headed to Jim’s on South Street for some authentic Philly Cheesesteaks… Mmm Mmm Mmm was the steak good! I said I was only going to have half of the sandwich and before I knew it I devoured the whole thing. You just can’t have one bite.

By 3pm I was back in my hotel after walking along Philly and seeing the sights. It’s a decent place to visit. Not much to see but a few historic homes and buildings. The one thing I didn’t do that I really wanted to do was head to the market but I did not want to go alone so maybe next time.

By 5pm I was meeting the rest of the crew in the lobby for dinner. We headed to a family Italian restaurant. While there I ordered the pasta with meat sauce. Still full from the cheesesteak I only ate half my plate and saved it for lunch the next day. I know it’s going to be a delicious treat because I rarely get to eat right with this crazy job. Those ten extra pounds I’ve been hoping for will soon be coming if I continue to eat this way.

I do have to mention that I did workout today. I did not head to the gym but I did my squats and a few abdominal exercises. Im determined to get what I want this summer!

After dinner we all headed back to the hotel and went our separate ways to meet the next morning at 5am. My room was so cozy that I was excited to get under my covers and head to sleep.

The 19th schedules come out for May and I know I’m going to be selling myself or buying people off that month. I need so many days off and as a new employee it will be nearly impossible but, nothing is impossible. The meaning of the word says “I’m possible.”