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Yesterday marked my one year anniversary working as a flight attendant. So far it’s been paying off very well with a few struggles of course.

I came home Sunday to see my grandmother and be with my family for a few days. No one really knows what’s to come so we are all hoping for the best.

My friend whom many call my other half met me for drinks and appetizers at Opa and then we took a quick stroll to Nara. It was nice to get out and just talk and have someone listen to my rambles. I know I talked her ear off and I wasn’t even drunk. I have a history of rambling when I have too much to drink. I just had so much to share and so many things pent up I needed a listening ear and she was there to hear it all. Since it was a Tuesday night I popped on a cute lace long sleeve and some red lips. I kept it casual with a hint of Sipsy in the twist.

Tonight is dinner for the Three Amigos not sure what’s in store but I’m sure just hanging out with them is good enough for me.




Oscars 2012

Last night was Oscar night. I try to watch it every year so I can imagine myself in the gorgeous dresses the actresses get to wear. White was the key color this year but, when those corals and mint colors came out they were flawless.
Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to walk that red carpet in one of those to die for dresses! ::wishfully thinking::










Warning signs….

It was always there right in front of her face and she failed to realize it. She failed as a woman to recognize that this relationship was not going to work out. The condoms in the closet, the late night phone calls and text messages. Hiding his phone or taking it to the shower she was oblivious to all of it. Why? All because she was in love and thought he was the best man in the world. All because she thought that those things would not happen to her.

She ignored the women that would call her phone, the horrible ways he would treat her just because she wanted something that was ending to work. Something that was never meant to be to work itself out. My goodness she could not believe she let herself do this. She spent five years of her life trying to love someone who did not love her as much as she did him. What was she thinking?

As a woman she let a man and love get the best of her. This time not anymore! It will take a lot for a man to enter her heart. She wants to love so badly and be in love but if this is what she would have to go through and if it happens again she doesn’t know what she’ll do! So for now it’s best she shields herself and her heart. She’d rather imagine happiness then try and relive being hurt again. She can’t believe it! It was always there right in front of her face!

NYC… Pace U

Yesterday I took the first flight to NYC to visit Pace University with my little sis and the rest of the gang. Without thinking I just put on a blazer assuming that the weather in NYC would be just as nice in ATL.

Let’s just say when I got to NY I had to have my mom pick me up because of how cold I was. I usually just take the bus straight to her home. We arrived to her home and caught the A train to 1 Pace Plaza. Upon our arrival we met a tour guide and saw what the university had to offer.






Yesterday I sat standby at the airport, basically babysitting the airport. When I had less than an hour for my release to head back to the crash pad I received a phone call from scheduling to work a flight. I was dead heading to Salt Lake City and then working the flight from Salt Lake to San Diego. When a flight attendant dead heads he/she is given a flight as a passenger and gets paid the flight time while they sit on the flight. It’s a pretty good deal when you the opportunity is there to just sit on a 4 hour flight and not have to work.

Upon our arrival into Salt Lake City we worked the flight from SLC to San Diego. It was a quick 1 hour and 30 minute flight with only 90 passengers. We were a very happy crew! When we got to San Diego the weather was amazing. It was only 10pm but I was too tired to hit the gym so I did a few abs workouts in my room and headed straight to bed. In the morning we got picked up pretty early so I did not get to enjoy the great Cali weather : (. San Diego was a tease!

On my 3 hour and 35 minutes flight back to ATL I had Mr. Lil John and Pastor Mason Betha on my flight. As much as I wanted to take a picture with them I composed myself and just welcomed them on our flight. They were very easy going passengers and did not ask for much in case anyone was wondering. NO, I did not say “OOOKKKK!!!” to Lil John or do the shake to Pastor Mason Betha… lol… I behaved very well.

Upon our arrival they quickly left and I just thanked them for flying with us.

It was nice to see celebrities that did not act like their shit doesn’t stink! Now I am in ATL preparing myself for an early flight to LGA to visit my sis and mom. We are heading to Pace University to see what they have to offer for my little sis. My goodness has time flown by!

ttyl bloggers.

Fat Tuesday

One day off to do laundry and buy my necessities. Sometimes I miss living at home and not needing to buy toothpaste, detergent, soap, etc. but you have to grow up some day.

After a quick stop to see Ace coach his basketball team we headed out in spirit of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Ace, his fiancé and I enjoyed great laughs a few memories.



ATL drinks….

Last night ended the longest day ever! I started at 3am and had three legs to complete before my day ended. After those three legs I quickly headed to my crash pad. Of course there was something interesting on the Marta yesterday! I man with these snake-skin blue platform boots on! I really wish I would have taken a photo for all to see. I am going to try to Google to boots just for this blog.

I enjoy fashion and being different but sometimes I wonder where in the H E double hockey sticks do people find these things! I was so wiped out from work that my friend and I had the giggles the entire train ride. She and I just laughed at those shoes and made a rap song about it until the man got up and left.

I arrived to my room at around 3pm and knocked out! I slept for three amazing hours and then decided to text my friend to grab a drink with me and Ace’s fiancĂ©. We got ready and headed out for one drink and great laughs. I was just what the doctor ordered yesterday!

FYI: Couldn’t find a pic so you’ll have to use your imagination.