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Lima, Peru

A few days ago I got back from another expedition in Lima, Peru. My friend and I had the same rotation on our schedule and I knew that this was going to be a trip for the books. We started off by leaving to take the MARTA together and for some reason on that day the damn train decides to stop for 30 mins making us close to a late sign in. I refused to be late so I dodged it as fast as I could to the E concourse (other side of airport) to sign in. Just picture it me, Sipsy in her little blue dress and heels running as fast as she can dragging her roller bag! When I got to the door I just left my bags and ran down the stairs to sign in. I made it by one minute and my friend was one minute late. Hey, I was the fastest in my softball team so it came in handy that day : ).

We went into briefing and met everyone we were working with. Everyone was pretty cool so there was no crew drama. When we got on the plane we stuffed our faced with some moro con costillas that my mom had made for me the night before. Yes, I went to NY for one day just so that I could eat my mom’s cooking and bring some back with me.

The flight to Peru is about 6 hours long and we did what we could to keep each other entertained and the passengers happy. Overall we all worked very well together and it went as smooth as silk! When we landed it was about 11pm so we quickly ran to our rooms and got dressed to head to the bar and use our free drink coupon. Who would say no to a free drink??? My friend and I stuck together the entire time, I even slept in her room because I was not comfortable sleeping alone that night especially since we were talking about ghosts and spirits.

At the bar we cut a cake for one of the flight attendants and we drank up. When the bar closed we took our party to the birthday girl’s suite. She was given the room with the sauna and jacuzzi complimentary as a bday gift from the hotel. No no, nothing crazy happened in the sauna or jacuzzi! My friend and I ended the party early because we knew that we had a long day ahead of us. We were only in Lima for 22 hours so we needed our rest to get ready for our journey.

We got up pretty late the next morning and met the crew for breakfast. The café con leche there is so good. Hispanics just make the best café con leche! The captain wanted to come shopping with us because he knew that we were the only speakers and he wouldn’t get ripped off if he stuck with us. We took him to get a few alpaca sweaters and scarves. Then he joined us on our shopping expedition. I think we drove him a bit crazy because at one point he just couldn’t hang and told us he was leaving. When the captain left we continued our shopping.

After our shopping spree we headed to grab a bite to eat. For only $6 US dollars my friend and I had a feast! We ate rice, eggs, chicken, plantains and a salad. Everything was so good that we devoured our plates. We paid for our meals and headed to the hotel to drop off our baggage and keep it going. We dropped everything off and went to get a pedicure for only $8 US…. I couldn’t believe it! They even did a pretty good job and everything was super sterile. It was the prefect thing to do after so much walking around and shopping.

When all was done we headed to our room to take a nap so we could prepare to work in a few hours. We had such a great time! She and I just click so we always have a good time together. I am glad that I have someone outside of my immediate circle to hang with because if not this would be a tough job to handle. Hey, if I could my friends and family all know that I would take them on all of my adventures.

Oh and yes we will be returning to Peru to get more bags and jewelry that I fell in love with but did not want to go over my budget! enjoy the pics….


I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost.

I am a big fan of hip hop and rap music. I know I am a bit late on commenting on his album I have finally gotten a chance to really listen to it and digest it. Drake’s music is almost like being bipolar but in a good way! He can bring you to your feet and wanting to dance and then suddenly mellow you out to chill and relax. I know bipolar is not the proper word to describe such a good album but to me it fits. As I listened to most of the tracks you can tell that he was going through some type of girl problem. Listening to Marvin’s Room, Make Me Proud or Take Care some his lyrics on these tracks can not just be created without some type of personal experience and be that good. But hey, he could be just rapping about experiences his friends have gone through.

At the moment I am pleased with his entire album but, the one track that stood out to me the most was Take Care ft. Rihanna. I was coming back to my crash pad on the Marta and it played on my phone. I never really took the time to listen to it until today. I truly like this one track because I can relate to it. It’s such a soothing track that makes you feel good and wanted, if that makes any sense.

I have never thought of it but I wonder if I acted or still act scorned and hurt from my previous relationship. I really hope not because no one deserves to be put on the back burner because of what some asshole did to me. Bueno, just listen to the track and enjoy it!

You with the Veteran cap!

As I dreamt away my phone began to vibrate. With the sound of a frog in my throat I answered my phone. It was scheduling calling me. I had one Aday left and I honestly thought that I was not going to get used. I didn’t go to bed until 2am that morning.

At 6:30 am I am called and told I have a trip to work. I was assigned a Nicaragua turn with a sign in of 9:15am. I had plenty of time to get ready and head to work. The only thing was that I didn’t want to! Waaaaa!!!

I put my big girl panties on and headed to work. It was an easy flight to Nicaragua and back to ATL. The flight was empty heading there. We only had about 40 passengers total.

One wonderful man that was old enough to be my grandfather wouldn’t stop staring at me. You see, me I’m a bit oblivious to things like that. My co worker had to point it out to me. The old man then called me over asking if I was ever going to serve him a drink. He was sitting in first class and I had to explain to him that the plane was not catered yet.

When we got catered grandpa got his drink. As the flight continued he called me over again and then said the worst line I ever heard in my life. He goes and asks me if he were to ever go into cardiac arrest would I give him mouth to mouth? Ha! I laughed at him and said no, but my co worker will (he was a guy). The old man looked at me sad and said never mind.

Old man with the Veteran hat had more game than any other guy I ever met. He just would stop. He even asked me forum address and I just kept on laughing. Why is it that older men always have the balls that younger men don’t have? Why is it that the good looking men are too shy to speak up?

Old man with the veteran hat I commend you. Good try! You made my job a bit more interesting.

All grown up….

Today I got a photo from my 17-year-old sister all grown up. As I looked at the photo my eyes began to fill with tears and so many childhood memories of her just rush through my mind. I felt sad yet extremely proud of my little girl, I mean my big girl now. She’s all grown up and this year she will graduate from high school to begin her journey into college and the real life. She has and is still evolving into such a beautiful being. My goodness this girl is going to break hearts and I just hope she sticks to her path and doesn’t let the lies men put into women lead her on the wrong path.

Although my sister already knows what the real world is like I tried really hard to shelter her and keep her as young as I could. We had a good childhood until a certain age and when those unfortunate events occurred I took big step and promised myself that I’d do anything to keep her on the right path. Hopefully I have and I know for sure that my other sister has keep my teenage sister in her place. You see I am more of the optimist and my other sister is more of the realist and tells it like it is. I always try really hard to keep my teenage sister’s imagination alive.

Looking at her photo made me realize that I am getting old. I may only be 27 but, I feel that at times I let my life waste away and now I only have a short time to make something happen. To finally feel like I have accomplished something in life. That photo was a reality check for me but, it was also a photo of pride. I am proud that my sister did not become a statistic. Proud that she has a voice of her own. Proud that she knows exactly what she wants in life and has the same determination as my other sister. I am PROUD PROUD PROUD of this lovely teenage sister that will soon be entering this crazy world with a strong head on her shoulders and all the support she will ever need.

If she ever reads this blog all I can say is that I am super proud of her. Sis there is a world out there for you and you have all the opportunities to make of it what you want. Always follow your beliefs and remember that you have the best support system in your family. Keep up the good work and I can not wait and see what else you have to show me. I am sure it will be just as amazing as you are. I love you sis!


SNA with Laceandfadedjeans…..

Last night I came in working the red-eye into Orange County, CA. Whenever I work flights in which the time changes drastically my body does not adjust as well as I wish it would. As soon as I got to my room I took advantage of the jacuzzi and then headed straight to bed. Before my flight I sent my friend a text to see if she could join me for breakfast or just to hang out. I’ve known her since I was in middle school, way before puberty so she knows me pretty well and she’s always been fun to hang out with. We agreed to hang out for breakfast at Balboa Island, Cali.

Today I got ready excited to see my friend and catch up on our crazy lives. For some reason I am so comfortable talking to her. There are things that I can tell her and not feel like I am being judged or looked at differently because I feel that people have this different persona about me that I can’t seem to shake out of them.

 We headed to this cute little restaurant and had breakfast. She’s a vegetarian so Eggs Benedict was her food choice and I had eggs with toast. During breakfast we talked about our single lives and how we’d be the women having children at the age of 40 and getting dentures when our kids graduate from college. We’d be so old and our kids so young but, we honestly do not care because we are living our lives and enjoying every part of it. She has grown into such a fun, wonderful person that at times can be balls to the wall and I really like that about her. You can truly see how comfortable she is in her skin and how happy she is with all the decisions she has made throughout her life. I hope that soon or one day I can accept me and who I am.

The area was full of these local shops owned by many locals. I got my postcards and we went into this super fun toy store! We got so excited when we saw the paper dolls with the stick on clothing. That toy bought back so many childhood memories! Then we walked into a candy store that had all the candy you can think of. You name it they had it. They even had a giant Iron Man PEZ dispenser.

We grabbed some free samples of frozen yogurt and watched the store owner make some candy apples that made our mouths drool. We then proceeded to this little store in which inspired us to create our own painted canvases with our favorite quote. I tried to take a photo of one the quote but I got caught and had to delete it off my phone. I was not slick enough : (.

Laceandfadedjeans and I had a great time. It is always good to see and talk to an old friend. Sometimes it’s nice to get an outside prospective from someone who has not seen you in a very long time.

Jersey for a BDAY why not!!??!

After a long two-day trip to Mexico and an extremely short layover I managed to get myself on a flight to Jersey to see my friend and celebrate her birthday. I had a feeling I would be heading over there so I was already packed and ready to party with the bday girl.

When I landed in Jersey I did not realize how cold it was but I took it like a champ! The birthday girl and I headed to the mall so she could buy her bday dress. Of course I had to wander in the entire mall with my uniform on which was quite uncomfortable because people just could not stop staring. After several stores and dresses she finally found the perfect dress that would go with her Louboutin’s. Yes ladies her boyfriend got her Louboutin’s for Xmas and she was ready to rock them out on her bday.

We got to the house and got ready for the night out. We had a few drinks and listened to house and techno music. While all the women wore dresses I stuck to a pair of leopard shorts and a blazer. I really was not happy in my skin that night but it was a night for the bday girl and not a night for me to complain about not liking what I was wearing or my appearance.

Bliss was the name of the night club and I never fist pumped for so long in my life. It is not the typical music that I listen to but I did enjoy it non the less. There were a few songs that I will be adding to my playlist and I think I can consider myself a guidette!

After the club I was on bday girl watch because she had a bit too much to drink. The next morning the bday girl and I packed and headed to ATL to get back to work on the 15th.

How I feel….

Today I’m feeling a bit blah from a crazy two day of work to Mexico and only a 10hr layover at the airport. I did not even get to see the city.

I came to NJ to celebrate my friend’s bday so I hope that she can bring some cheer into my life.

I’m going to go by this Elizabeth Taylor quote in all hopes that I have a great story to blog about tomorrow. Maybe about my adventure in Jersey with the birthday girl.