It was all good the other night. We met up at a friend’s house and played THUMPER, had a few drinks and laughs. It was a Sipsy’s back/new bathroom party so I got my friend a bath robe, shower gel and lotion. As the night progressed we decided to head out to a restaurant to continue our voyage of fun.

We sat at a table and played more THUMPER, had more laughs and a few more drinks. I left the restaurant to walk over to the a night club I used to work at and say hello to my old co workers. That night I wore a big brimmed hat with a skirt and turtle neck. I thought I looked pretty nice and so did the rest of the crew. Well…. ignorant people here in RI who at times do not know how to keep their mouths shut decided to talk smack about my hat! I felt like I was in elementary school all over again. He just kept going and going and I just kept walking because I was alone and did not want to stir up anything. I finally got to the club said my hello and walked back to the restaurant where the crew was.

As the night progressed and the glasses kept coming I shook off the nonsense the guys were saying to me earlier. The lights go on at the restaurant and it is time for us to leave. As I walk out another man decided to speak more nonsense to me. By this time I couldn’t take the disrespect anymore and I just blow up on the guy!! I think I said all the curse words in the world and just wanted to smack him in the face and kick him in the balls! Everyone was holding me back and they would not let me go because they knew that I was not afraid to fight a man.

Here is the thing I was never one to get loud in public places and when things happened around me I would ignore the person because ignorance is usually bliss. Lately, I have not been able to do the ignoring anymore. Lately I have been blowing up on them and say whatever is on my mind. I don’t know if its my age or I have a lot of pent-up anger but, I have had enough of being disrespected by boys. I call them boys because no man would ever disrespect a woman or make fun of her in public. It’s just disgusting when you just want to go and have a good time but an ASSHOLE has to ruin it for you!

After the yelling and trying to break free from my friends so I lay one on that idiot I got in my car and we all drove back to the house to cool down and enjoy the rest of the night. I was not going to let him ruin my night!


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One response to “AHHHH!!!!!

  • jess

    soooooo RI…at least it was a STRANGER!! I have dated little boys who are like 30 and would make comments about my clothing/fashion choices….like a feather skirt or something. REALLY!? You wear the same f&ckin jeans EVERYDAY and definitely do not know how to dress but I would never say anything out of respect and because I saw past the poor fashion and at what was underneath…which was bad too! BUT the point is I hate when people say something negative about my personal fashion/style choice…if you don’t like it..don’t say anything. I see people wearing terrible things everyday or making choices I would never make or that do no flatter their body type whatsoever. I say nothing…it’s not my business or place. I am sooo glad you blew up on that guy..hopefully, he learned his lesson. Yayyyy Sips!!

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