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Bangs… Bangs

I’ve been thinking of a change. A change like cutting my hair or getting bags. The last time I cut my hair super short it was about 3 or 4 years ago. I’m not really looking to cut it but I want to do something different. I’m thinking bangs!!

At my age I’m a bit confused on how a 27-year-old should dress but I’m working on it. I’m thinking a new hair look and new hair dye would help. A new style is always nice and refreshing. It’s that age old, mid life crisis I’m having…. Better yet, quarter life (I think).


Congestion and Holiday….

The worst thing is working a flight when your body is beginning to give up on you. Lately I’ve been having a really bad cough and have ben trying to fight it by drinking as much water and tea as possible. I have also been taking medication as often as I can while I am not working. My only issue is that I have worked six days straight and the only time I can quickly take a NyQuil is when I finally get to my hotel room. As soon as i get there I will be taking those pills in all hope that I sleep just like the football players in the NyQuil commercial.

Here is the thing having a stuffy nose on a plane is a horrible feeling. The congestion in my head and pressurization from the plane makes me feel like my head will explode! At one point a tried to inhale deeply and I caught the worst migraine ever! I could not move for a few minutes and had to stay still until the pain went away. I am trying really hard to keep this cold from taking over my body because I do not want to take any time off and I absolutely HATE being sick!! Who doesn’t??

Today did not help because I had to work four legs and I felt like it was non-stop. I felt as if I was forcing my body to work because I knew that I had to keep going. Holiday passengers were not helping either.

When I say holiday passengers, I mean passengers that only travel once a year. They are completely clueless of all the rules on a plane and it is as if they think no rules apply on the plan. I must have asked the same person to turn off his/her cell phone about a million times (not really a million but, enough). Then there are those who think it is ok to walk throughout the cabin during turbulence and the fasten seat belt sign is on. Being sick and dealing with unruly passengers is not a good thing. I kept my cool and treated the “holiday passengers” the same way I would treat someone who travels for a living.

For now I will work hard on keeping this cold from progressing and keeping my cool until the holiday travels are over. Only a few more days and I think I will be ok. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Thanksgiving…. Crash Pad Style!

Yesterday, as we spent time walking around the mall and talking about not being with our families for the holidays my roommate and I came to the conclusion that we should have Thanksgiving dinner. We quickly left the mall and walked back to the apartment to see who agreed with our idea and who would join us for dinner. Everyone was in and I was more than ecstatic to cook for the crew. If you did not know I love to cook. I enjoy watching people enjoy a home cooked meal. Now I am no Betty Crocker but, I can could pretty well.

Off to Publix my roommate and I went to get ready for turkey dinner for 9. Ok so it was already 2pm and we had to get dinner ready for 7:30pm. Yesterday we sort of cheated…. At the supermarket you can buy a preseason turkey and get all the sides for free. I did not get to cook but, I did put everything in the oven and supervise it…. lol…. He, we were on a time crunch and it was a last-minute decision because we all knew that we were the only family we had last night and we would not have to eat alone at some hotel.

If I did have the time I would have seasoned that turkey two nights ago and had it marinating until Thanksgiving day. I would have made a pumpkin pie and an apple pie from scratch and all the sides that come with Thanksgiving dinner : ). This time we had a few hours so pre cooked food was right up our alley. We also grabbed a few bottles of wine because no dinner is complete without some red or white wine.

After a few hours of cooking and the arrival of our guest we were ready for dinner. Paper plates and plastic utensils were our style that night because we all knew that was all we had. But we did have wine glasses which gave our meal a little pizzaz! As we set the table and poured our wine we all sat around and said what we were thankful for. No dinner is complete without saying grace or what we are thankful for, especially on Thanksgiving. I of course am thankful for my crazy family and the new people I have met through my new journey in this job.

I carved that turkey and we began to eat our big feast. It was such a great night with laughs and smiles. When dinner was over we had some apple pie (store bought) and watched a few movies. If I did not have to wake up at 4am the next day I would have stayed up with the crowd but I said my good nights and went to bed.

Nothing like a random decision to cook some turkey!

Detroit stay….

I have yet to experience the Detroit atmosphere. I have not gotten to see what this city is all about because my layovers here have not been any longer than 13 hours. When layovers are less than 13 we usually tend to stay closets to the airport. When your laying over in Detroit you stat right in the airport. A very convenient stay when you feel exhausted from working a long flight.

I actually enjoy staying at the Westin inside the Detroit airport. I may not get to go outside and enjoy the weather or smell some fresh air but I do have a variety of places to eat all within a walking distance. I am also able to grab a book if I’d like or maybe even buy some trinkets throughout the airport.

The hotel is also very nice. When you walk into the room it is so clean and smells so fresh. The beds are so big and comfortable it is very hard to get out of bed, well for me it is. The bed was so huge that I could roll over 20 times (a bit of exaggeration) and not fall off the bed. Showering is just as good as the bed! It is a dual head shower with all the power you’d want in a great shower. Another place that is hard for me to get out of.

This hotel is sheer comfort and relaxation. I am able to clear my thoughts here and blog with out clutter. What I enjoy most is that I can actually sleep! I have a problem sleeping on different beds in the hotels but here at the Westin I feel at home. It is as if the hotel created the bed just for me. It’s no Tempur-Pedic (I checked) but it works!

So if your ever stuck at the Detroit airport and need to spend the night I would recommend just staying at the airport. It is convenient and comfortable, what more can you ask for?

Secret Obsession….

Yes, I admit it! I am secretly in love with Jay Z. But not in love with him in a sexual way but in a musical way. I love his music and his swagger. The way he holds himself and how he accomplished so much after all he’s been through. He lost his brother and father, lived in a dangerous neighborhood, was raised by his mother only for a while and went through a tough reunion with his father. He may not be a good-looking man but to me he is good-looking because of his confidence, style, and intelligence.

Raised in the Marcy Projects in New York City. A man who did not fall into the typical lifestyle of crack dealing and drug using. Yes he did sell drugs but not for the rest of his life. It was not a lifestyle that he depended on, it was a lifestyle that helped him at the moment until he realize that he could do better. He did it to help his family and to help his mother get by. It wasn’t done in way that many drug dealers do in these times. They just sell drugs and help themselves and not their own family.

His music has helped me a lot also. For some reason when I listen to his music I feel like I am experiencing all he is rapping about. From Reasonable Doubt to his current album, Watch the Throne (collaboration with Kanye West) I have this strange obsession for him. Whenever I hear that there is an article written about him I run to the fastest news stand and buy it. I know that I am not the only one in the world that may have this obsession but, I like to think that I am his biggest fan!

If he and I were to ever cross paths I would probably cry because I am just an emotional cancer. Then after composing myself I would shake his hand and say, “Hello Mr. Jay, could you please sign my Yankee fitted?” Yes, that is what I think I would do but who knows. It is my one and only wish. I do not ask for much and I guess when I do it is for something nearly impossible. I honestly just want to spend a day with him to see why he did what he did. What motivated him and continues to motivate him? People just fascinate me but, Mr. Jay just always brings a smile to my face and throw his words one can tell he is more intelligent than people give him credit for.

He’s going to be a great dad and a legend. Thanks Mr. Jay for always bringing a smile to my face and for letting me be a part of your music. I feel every emotion imaginable when his music is played no matter where I go. It is a turn off for many guys because I may know the lyrics better than them but I do not care. If a man can not like me for enjoying some rap then he is not the guy for me.


On a flight attendant’s salary for the first year it feels as if I am back in college. The never let you down PB&J sandwich has been my savior during these tough times. I have learned to become very creative with what I cook and try to stretch for a day or two. I never really liked to eat left overs but now left overs help my pockets out more than you know.

Everyone always thinks that flight attendants make big bucks but that is not the case. For the first year or so our salary is something a I used to receive when I was in high school and working retail. It is a tough living but if you can hang in there long enough the perks start coming. Right now I have been with the company for six months and besides finances it has been a joyous adventure. The best way for me to make a bit more money is to fly more and not go home as often. I have already reduced my home visits to once a month and it seems to be helping.

So for now until February when my salary is re-evaluated I will be enjoying my delicious PB&J sanwiches (on honey wheat or rice cakes of course) with a nice piece of fruit on the side for lunch and at times as a midnight snack.

Hey in life there are always bumps on the road and if I can get through this mountain then I know that the best is yet to come.

tag.. 7 questions. you’re it!

Post rules at the beginning of the post.  Answer all the questions.  Tag 6 people, go to their blog and leave a comment to inform them that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.  Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1.  What were you doing five years ago?
Trying to find out who Sipsy is….. Still doing it!

2.  What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
-Check my work schedule.

-Look at the photos in the new Vanity Fair magazine.

-Read Don Quixote and try to finish Breaking Dawn. I’ve read Breaking Dawn on and off for a year… Time to definitely finish it!

-Paint my nails. Much needed!


3.  What is your favorite food?
A typical spanish meal: rice, beans and some really good chicken with salad : )

4.  If you were a comic book character, who would you be?
Invisible Woman, Storm and Wonder Woman all wrapped up into one.

5.  Biggest guilty pleasure?
Shoes, shoes, shoes and Jay Z

6.  If you had to live in another city, which one would it be?
California or Miami. I would move in a heart beat!

7.  Lace or Leather?
Ah I believe a combination of both would make an excellent outfit : ).

I have yet to read other blogs except Jess’s ( I truly enjoy her fashion sense and her adventures through LA.