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Business or Pleasure??

Today I’ve got a St. Louis turn and then a short 10 hour layover in Mexico City.

There’s an old woman with a straw hat waiting to board the plane with a man that I believe is her husband. Another man is busy on his computer and talking on the phone with a polo and jeans on. Since he’s not in the office he can probably get away with it. Or he might just have his own business, who knows.

A boy that seems to be in his twenties with a back pack and a book all about Mexico. He is definitely going site seeing and checking out the city of Mexico. A foreign couple that do not speak Spanish but, it seems to me that they may be European. Another woman is sitting all alone lost in her thoughts. She’s probably thinking about what she will do when she gets to Mexico City. Or maybe she’s excited to finally be heading home.

All these interesting people heading to Mexico and only they know why or for what reason they are traveling there. As I sit here at the airport I just watch them engage with their travel companion or I see them looking off into space.

When the boarding process begins and I begin to work the flight I’ll engage myself with the passengers and find the real reason for heading into Mexico City.

And of course Happy Halloween to those who celebrate!


Worst mood ever

Sometimes your just put into a funk and no matter how hard you try you just can’t shake it off. Tonight is one of those nights and hopefully when I get up tomorrow I will realize that none of it was my fault and that events in life happen for a reason. I should just take it as a lesson learned and nothing else.

A walk on the town….

I took a flight back home for a day and a half so that I could join my best friend at a gala in Boston called “Steppin Out.” When I arrived home I hung out with my brothers and sisters and prep for the amazing night I knew I would have the next day. The next morning I got up and drove an hour to her house and we got all glammed up together. It felt so good to get all dressed up and spend some time with her.

After we got all put together we headed to the gala and danced the night away to amazing bands and to a band that I have fallen in love with. Mango Blue’s music is so up beat and heart-felt you can’t help but fall in love with their music. Every song made you want to dance and there was just so much soul and meaning behind all their music. My best friend was the hostess for the band and she did such a great job introducing them. She has a true passion and looks so natural at what she does. I am so proud of her!

Our night did not end at the gala we then got ready and drove to RI to visit some old friends and head to a Halloween party. There was a really bad snow storm as we drove with caution on the highway and into the city of Providence. The highway was so bad that at one point another car had spun out of control and if I did not think instantly we would have been in a terrible car accident. I quickly moved my car and squeezed between a truck and the car that had spun out of control. After that near death experience we drove without the music playing until we got to the house. After an hour of driving we finally got to the house at 2am. We assumed that there would not be many people since it was so late but that was not the case. Since we did not have a chance to put on a costume we both pretended that we were James Bond women or Russian spies.

The morning ended at 4am and I stayed over my friend’s place so we could wake up in the am and have breakfast. Overall it was an unforgettable night and am so honored to have been invited by her to go to such an amazing event and to have spent the entire night with her. It was a night of laughs, love, noise, dancing, and new memories.


Ever wonder what in the world is in a flight attendant’s bag? Or what in the world could they pack in that luggage? A flight attendant’s luggage is filled with more than just clothes. There are so many items and pieces of things that one can only imagine. At least two pairs pf pants is a must, especially a cute pair because you never know if you get rerouted. A few shirts and sweaters for all types of weather are much needed. Sandals, sneakers and shoes because once again you never know what can happen. Basically you have to pack for all four seasons in a roller bag big enough to fit in the overhead space.

I always pack a plenty of underwear, three bikinis because I love them so much, 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of leggings (for gym or to go out), sandals and sneakers. I also have a crazy make-up bag with everything you need, toiletries (if there aren’t any in the hotel) and a book to read. I have a make up bag full of everything and anything you might need. Let’s just say I can whip up an outfit for a night out on the town or just to hang out and have a beer. I am always ready for what is to come especially since I live out of my luggage.

Even when I am home I always pack clothes from Atlanta knowing that I can just wear what I have at home. It is just that I have become so accustomed to grabbing clothes out of my luggage that I feel naked if it is empty or not packed correctly. If I don’t wear the outfit it stays in my bag and when I get back to ATL I change out what I can and start the packing and unpacking process all over again. It is a habit that one becomes accustomed to and many of the usual things always stay in the bag because if it is moved then all heck can break loose if not found.

So if you are ever caught in a bind at the airport and need something like a safety-pin, tide wipes, lotion, or a sewing kit always ask a flight attendant. You can never go wrong because we are always prepared.


Got back from a working a red-eye in San Diego. Took a quick nap and quickly packed to see my loves. The best perk is being able to just get up and leave. Get up and leave to see everyone I care about or just get up and leave to clear my mind.

That word

That word is addicting and makes your heart beat faster and faster. It makes you do the craziest things, especially for the other person. It’s a word that has such a hold on you and can take control of your life if you allow it. That word can become addicting and if things change your world changes. You become a different person and begin to grow different.

It’s a disease or a drug. So addicting you begin to need it over and over if it’s gone. Almost like getting that itch on the neck when the withdrawals begin to take place. You want the good and the bad that comes with it because no matter what it’s the best word you’ve ever heard. You’ll do anything to feel that word again. The euphoria, joy, happiness and want that word gives you all bundled up into one emotion. It’s indestructible and you begin to feel like that person was the only one for you all because of that word. That word can control your life, future, being and mentality.When it permanently leaves you all you is to bury your heart six feet underground and cover it with cement so that you don’t feel the hurt that comes with the lose.

When it is removed out of your life you feel helpless and lonely. Almost as if there is no point in living and craziness begins to take over your body and life. You begin to change who you are just so you can hear that word again. You begin to do things that you never could imagine so you can hear that word and all the feelings that come with it. If you let that word it in make sure your ready for what comes with it.

Learn who you are before you let it enter your life because that word has powers that are indescribable. That word can change your life at the drop of a dime and it’s something that you’ll yearn for once you’ve had a taste if it.

SAN continued….

Woke up pretty late today which made me feel great. I had some much needed rest and then got dressed and headed out for a walk. I took a walk on the pier and watched all the cruise lines leave with many excited customers. Cruises are always a good time, especially when so many unpredictable things can happen.

It was pretty chilly here in San Diego but I didn’t let it stop me from staring at the water and letting it clear my head. All of a sudden in the middle of my thoughts my stomach grumbled and it was time to eat. Fish and chips it was today with a big glass of iced tea. After my meal I headed back to my hotel and just relaxed once again until I had to head out to work the red-eye back to Atlanta.

San Diego was nice and relaxing and definitely a place I will come to visit again and again.