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Miami 15hrs….

Many believe that it is impossible to enjoy Miami in 15hrs. Well, I can tell you that if you know the are well then anything can happen. I arrived to Miami at 1pm and quickly showered and suited up for the beach. I knew my friends would be picking me up soon so I did not want to have them waiting on me. I got picked up and the first stop was to grab a drink and head to Miami Beach.

I lived in Miami for two years and never visited Wet Willies. Yesterday, I popped my cherry and went to Wet WIllies for lunch and drinks. I had a buffalo chicken wrap with two Superman drinks. The wraps were delicious but, I am not sure if it was because I was starving or because they just made good wraps. Wet Willies’ Superman drink was so good! I barely tasted the alcohol but I sure felt it.

Lunch was over and we walked across the street to enjoy the ocean and chat it up. There was barely any sun but I did not care. Nothing can ever keep me away from a sandy beach. I put my towel down and ran as fast as I could into the ocean. The water was so shallow that I had to walk a bit to take a good dive. The water temperature was perfect! It was not too cold and not too hot, it was just right. I must have stayed in that water for about an hour and then headed out to lay on the sand and relax.

During this time of year there are a few jelly fish. A local had found a really big one in the water and it sort of intimidated me and kept me out of the water for the rest of the day. I did run and take a quick dip before we left but, I kept my eyes peeled so I would not get stung.

As the night continued we walked to the car to put our stuff down and I went to a local Cuban restaurant to have a café con leche. After my café we walked to Lincoln Rd for dinner and to check out the stores in Miami. Dinner consisted of a reuben sandwich, french fries and a Kettle One with soda water. We had great laughs and reminisced about my times living in Miami and whether I should move back.

After dinner and another walk around Miami the night came to an end. I had to get some rest before my 6:40am pick up for work the next day. In 15 hours I managed to head to the beach, pop my Wet Willies cherry, hang  out with great friends, and create new memories. If you have the right friends anything can happen in 15hrs.


The Mags!

One of the many things I look forward to after each flight is finding a good magazine that a passenger has left over. From Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Maxim, Times and People I have foun it all. Magazines are one thing that I can truly say I have saved a lot of money of since I have started this job. Many passengers even give their magazines away to me after they know they are not going to look through the pages anymore.

I grab as many as I can and devour each page during my layovers. After I finish dissecting the info in each magazine I leave it behind at the hotel for the next person to read. It is almost like I am paying it forward with magazines. There are others that I just can not give away and take to my crash pad (Elle, In Style, Vogue).

I am sure October’s issues are out there waiting for me to enjoy and read.


I never knew how much I loved my country and my food until today. It has been about two to three weeks since I have had some rice and beans with chicken. This morning my roommate asked me if I wanted to grab a bite to eat at a hispanic restaurant. I agreed to go with her thinking that the food was going to be average or just some “wanna be” Dominican food.

We arrive to a Dominican restaurant named, “El Pilon” in Atlanta, GA. I ordered white rice, black beans, lamb, and a Matla India to drink. I sat down and began to eat, I was amazed! The food was delicious and I could not stop eating it. It might not be better than my mom’s cooking but it was in the running. I was so happy to have eaten that plate of food.

So today I can say that Atlanta has made me a happy person : ).

Pan Am Premiere

Kettle corn popcorn, pizza rolls, fresh fruit, drinks, chips and dip were the snacks of choice for last nights premiere of Pan Am. A series airing on ABC about the golden days of flight attendants, I mean stewardesses.

A few of the women that live in the crash pad were missing but we made it an airline night. At one point we actually thought it would be a good idea to were our uniforms as we watched the show but, that idea quickly faded away. It was a good night of oohs and aahs considering how amazing the golden age was. It was so elegant and sophisticated with its twists here and there.

Every Sunday will now be Pan Am night! All are welcomed to join or at least watch on ABC at 10pm.

September 22nd ATL Sleepover

The Laguardia to Atlanta 5:59pm flight was delayed until 6:45pm. I booked myself the jumpseat and headed into Atlanta to start my
3 Aday work schedule. A flight that was full and scheduled to deoart at 6:45pm ended up full and leaving two hours later than
the actual scheduled departure time. When sitting on the jumpseat you can not sleep or read so I spent my time talking and helping the staff to stay awake on the 1 hour and 50 minute flight.

We finally landed 20 after 10pm and I still had to wait for my other flight attendant friend. She and I had plans to catch the Marta and head to the crash pad. Fifteen minutes after my flight landed her flight had arrived and we both realized that there would be no point in catching the Marta so late and heading to the apartment. Id we would have taken the Marta we would only have four hours of rest and then have to wake up to catch the Marta again for a 6:30am sign in. We both thought it would be a genius idea to sleep at the airport in the crew lounge. Boy, this was a bad idea!

After we popped on our pj’s and brushed our teeth we searched for a couch to share and sleep on. Unfortunately for us all the couches has someone on it and we had to put two seats facing each other. We positioned ourselves so that we could stretch our legs onto one another’s baby seat. It was the most uncomfortable night ever! I tried all positions and at one point rolled up into the fetal position thinking that I’d be a bit more comfortable and warmer. I must have slept on and off for just three hours.

I got up at 5:45am and got dressed into my uniform. I clocked in on time and then got a call from scheduling around 7am asking me to board a flight until the scheduled flight attendant arrived. I booked it to the B gate and as I got ready to set up the first class cabin in came the scheduled flight attendant. I greeted her and said my good-byes to the crew I met for just 5 minutes.

Since I was still on standby until 10:59am I headed back to the crew lounge. Twenty minutes later I received another phone call requesting my presence to work a Memphis turn. The 9:20am flight to Memphis did not leave the gate until 12pm due to an aircraft malfunction. I sat two gates away from my departure gate until it was time to leave. At 12pm all the passengers were on and we began our flight to Memphis and back to Atlanta.

After the Memphis turn I was finally released from scheduling and headed to my crash pad to cook a quick dinner and rest up for another crazy flight!



The beginning of the every month is an anxious moment for all flight attendants. We get a few weeks to bid for the days we want off, trips we want to work, length of layovers and basically how we want our schedule to look like for the up coming month.

For the month of October I bid for all Spanish trips and long layover. I sat on my computer for hours analyzing the bid board and trying to figure out a way to get scheduling to give me what I want. Since I am so junior to the airline business I have to light a candle and say a prayer every month in hopes that I get what I bid for. It is that serious!

After biding we wait and wait until the 19th of every month for the schedules to come out. It is the worst time when you are flying because all one thinks about is, “what in the world does my schedule look like??”

As I open my browser to see my schedule I open it crossing my fingers in hopes that I get at least part of what I bid for. My mind runs wild wondering what craziness I will be working for the next month and when my days off might be.

The beginning and middle of the month are the most anxious moment for all flight attendants. Let’s see what October has in store for me.

Standby and Phipps

Today consisted of me heading to the airport around 5am and waiting until scheduling gave me something to do. I sort of didn’t want to work today so I was extremely excited when I heard scheduling tell me that I was released for the rest of the day.

I then headed home and did laundry, checked mail and caught up on some missed episodes of Entourage and True Blood. Afterward I was off to dinner with a good friend. We headed to Truffles and then to a local bar called Tavern on Phipps. She was so fun to be around and just the right stress reliever that I needed.