In the Dark

Do not search for me in the light for I am in the dark.

Search for me at night where I will be your light.

I will illuminate the night and guide your path.



I choose love over anything. I’ve decided to choose love.

No matter how difficult it gets. I choose this love. No matter how trying it becomes my decision will never change.

I’ll have an opinion over things because I deserve as much love as I put out but, I’ll choose love.

No matter what.

New Again

My eyes peeled open first.

I shook inside and worked my way out.

Slowly but surely I began to break through my cocoon.

As I broke free my wings spread and I began to flutter.

I was no longer the ugly caterpillar.

I was now the beautiful butterfly I was meant to be.

Beautiful enough to see yet, hard to catch.


Heavy in my thoughts.

For you and me.

A prayer for you. A prayer for me.

No matter the distance I hope that you’re free.

May you forever be protected and loved.

If not by me then by someone who understands.

A prayer for you. A prayer for me.

I’ll always hold you close because memories never fade.

I Love You.

If you knew…

Those little moments with you mattered to me.


You were my favorite everything.